Why do Earthquakes Happen On Fault Lines?

why do earthquakes happen

Answering the question of why do earthquakes happen can be very interesting considering how some regions experience high earthquake frequent. This is the simplest term before we begin revealing the detailed and more difficult term. When there is too much stress on tectonic plates edges, there will be earth shake.

How does the stress cause shake? Well, that is because our planet Earth is made of several pieces of plates instead of single plate. These are known as the tectonic plates.

The creation of these plates is actually unique. Millions of years ago, the hot magmainside the earth’s core caused the forming of the tectonic plates. Millions of years later, the crush and break of these plates cause earthquake. When the big crush happen, major earthquake follows. So, the size of the crush affects the size of the earthquake. With the tectonic plates instantly moving, it is only a matter of time until another crush is created and another earthquake is triggered.

Actually, when it comes to the movement of tectonic plate, it happens every time constantly. However, when it creates big stress that more than the rock can save, then tremor or earthquake will take place.

why do earthquakes happen

Where the Earthquake Starts

It is very important to figure out why some countries are more prone to earthquake than other countries. Yes, why do earthquakes happen more frequently in some countries? Well, here is a fact. Along the plate boundaries are the region where most earthquakes happen.

When it comes to seismic cluster, there are basically to kinds of it. Shock wave is considered as the trigger of big earthquake with at least 7 magnitude. The foreshockrefers to the quake that happens before main quake. Meanwhile, aftershock refers to quake that happens after major quake.

The meaning of seismic belt is that any major earthquake can undoubtedly occur on several locations that are prone to the earthquake. And these areas refer to areas around the Alpide belt and Pacific belt.

In the seismic zone, these seismic activities are most likely to happen. Here are some of the most recent very large quakes that happened in Sunda Mega Thrust. The 9.2 magnitude quake happened in 2004, the 8.6 magnitude quake happened in 2005, and the 7.9 magnitude quake happened in 2007. In 2004. the quake triggered big tsunami in the Indian Ocean that took lives of hundreds of thousands of people in several countries including Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the most quake occurs in the location of the fault line in the plate boundary. The reason why frequent earthquake happens here is because of a lot of seismic activities considering the area as seismic zones.

Here is the explanation of how earthquakes happens. It happens due to the movement of tectonic plates that involve the movement of giant rocks inside the crust of the earth. Pacific plate is among the giant tectonic plates. It is also the same plate that caused giant earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

That happened because the Pacific Plate pushed under another plate known as Eurasian plate. In that time, the earth trembled and followed by the devastating tsunami and the breaking down of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Power of Seismic Wave

It is important to know and understand the seismic wave power. This is a power that is produced deep in the underground featuring powerful shock wave. Later, it creates much more destruction especially in the epicenter. This is actually the thing that happens when you throw a stone into a lake. The stone then produces circle wave out of lake’s center. You can assume the wave as the shock wave produced from earthquake’s center.

This is the wave that is responsible for causing vibration in the earth ground, damages to the house, roads, power utilities and other building structures. And when the mega-thrust earthquake happens, it also causes ocean wave known as tsunami. This mega-thrust earthquake occurs due to single tectonic plate thrusted or pushed under the continental or oceanic plate in the subduction zone.

This zone refers to several locations where do most earthquakes occur, known as the Ring or Fire in the Pacific Ocean Rim. Among the most vulnerable countries to earthquake are Japan and Indonesia. So why do earthquakes happen is because of the tectonic plates in the planet earth.

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