How Many Worldwide Earthquakes Are There?

worldwide earthquakes

Except worldwide earthquakes, it is interesting to understand how flood and storm become the most to happen natural disaster lately. Ecologist would have to say it is because of the environmental severe damage all over the world. Our ecology chain of life had gone wrong since decades ago. Yes. Decades. One would say it was started by illegal logging which to happen at jungles and forests. Only heaven knows why people would not be aware of long term negative effects in the long run? The natural process of water circulation get damaged severely resulting further damages to planet earth. For instance about Oxygen supply which is exacerbated by heavy air pollution of countless Carbon monoxyde as final product of combustion engines of vehicles and most of all of large production plants. We have heard enough about greenhouse effect while the fact is it seems nobody really care enough about it. Let alone to stop it happening. Every single day thousands of transportation vehicles using combustion engine are manufactured. It is out of question that the threat to environment perpetuity is endangered in such a horrible level of measurement.

worldwide earthquakes

Impact of Worldwide Earthquake in Long Term

When you look back to few decades ago you may get surprised to understand that it is only within this last decade earthquake in the world to happen on regular basis. Previously it was very seldom to hear earthquake and other kind of natural disaster happens. To some of you this fact could be kind of a fairy tale and yet you want to be assured this was a sweet reality by then. As mentioned earlier the prime causes of earthquake in the earth then the logic consequence is hot to minimize the impact of earthquake in our world in long term. Everbody who are aware of this threat are to participate in every effort he could to avoid further destruction to planet earth. We can’t go on pretending day by day that the earthquake does not exist. Most of us would spare some seconds to listen to the radio or news about an earthquake that happens somewhere before we go ahead with our business. “It is not my business” could be your indifferent thought. You are not alone.

Why We Want to Put Attention to Worldwide Earthquake Threat

It is interesting to understand that most respondents to a survey of natural disaster which is held on regular basis are of middle age persons. It is out of question they are the lucky ones who experienced the much greener and saver planet earth to live on. Why bother to hold such survey on regular basis while it seems nobody care anymore about what is going on to our living environment? There are several strong reasons for concerned parties to keep on doing the survey. One fact of it could be the answer you can comprehend in your own way. There are always new responders to answer on every natural disaster survey ranging from various age. It shows the fact we really need to put more attention to worldwide earthquakes as well as disaster threat. Normally people just have no idea of how he could participate to avoid worse disaster to happen? Indeed we have known the answer so far i.e. by keeping our living environment “clean” in the sense that we are to reduce pollution as much as possible. As it is the final warning of each broken healthy environment cycle. You can find more inputs about this in next articles.

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