Geology Of Yellowstone Earthquake

Yellowstone earthquakes

About Yellowstone Earthquake

Do you remember the earthquake nearest to your location that happen in latest year of this decade? I don’t think I do. This is the most interesting point of earthquake as the fact is there is very few person who are interested to study and become an earthquake expert. Most of those who are interested in this specific science normally would study geology and or geophysics, leaving earthquake just as side effect of natural happening. There is no one to blame as now we can say seismology tends to be in the last row of a favourite list. Second interested fact is revealed at this point, wouldn’t you be surprised to understand that there are many seismologist that do not belong to a scientific family. I mean one is not necessarily to have parents with scientific or really high education background. I am not saying seismology is a piece of cake stuff as definitely it requires special person with special interest plus talent to master. Yellowstone earthquake is one of some rare earthquake spot for so many reasons. As most scientists would have to say there is one of a kind correlation between each epicentrum of Yellowstone Earthquake.

Yellowstone Earthquake Strike Pattern

Yellowstone earthquakes

It is interesting to understand that Yellowstone Earthquake indeed has its own strike pattern in the sense there is always a second earthquake strike to happen in nearby area after the main one. Keep in mind that it is kilometres distance when talking about earthquake. The second strike normally to happen within few months afterwards and this become the most interesting study to scientists. As amazingly they find the during and after of each earthquake strike transmit a unique wave pattern that can be transcribe into a kind of technical information about underground rock layers. Latest news about this topic is they say they can locate as well as monitor the condition of aquafiers through this method. Unbelieveable. Just the way the first time a sound was accidentally delivered through a piece of wire and first mechanism of what we call telephone today. The quantum leap in Yellowstone Earthquake study has brought in so many new ideas as well as correction to the former belief about planet earth. For instance it is believed that seismic underground cracks were caused by lower density zone than the surrounding sediment. These and other yield strength differences produce longer soil tear and closer to the oceans floor. Yes then we are getting closer to another fact of Tsunami cause.

Why Yellowstone Earthquake Becomes so Unique?

First of all the famous name of Yellowstone is because it is the Yellowstone national park’s oldest and most famous in the United States which sits squarely atop one of the largest volcano on earth as well as it is still active. That fact alone had made Yellowstone volcano a legend as normally an active volcano is not supposed to have a very long lifetime. Most of them will cool off and never cause eruption or severe natural disaster because of it.

There are also names of super volcanoes as formal institutes’ files would indicate about two thousand of known volcanoes. You have known some of them which are famous until to date although they are not there anymore physically . You want to imagine the super volcanoes exploded million Tons of solid stones and sand plus another million Tons of magma liquid. From that fact alone you can estimate how big is the initial energy to erupt all of those materials. In volume you can say that few thousands cubic kilometres of ash and pumice is nothing for those super volcanoes. There were so many smaller mountains destroyed in a super volcano eruption.

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